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Friday, April 25, 2008

Hard Rock Rocks!

My family recently went on vacation with our severely-food-allergic 4-year-old. We dine out for basically all meals when we are out of town. This, however, presents challenges when you have a child that is allergic to wheat, milk, eggs, soy, peanuts, oats, and green peas. I also have peanut and sesame allergies. We are always cautious and try to go to the same places if we can find them.
My husband had taken my son to Hard Rock in our hometown and had very good luck with them and felt confident in their abiliy to deal with food allergies. We were able to find a Hard Rock Cafe in downtown Nashville and tried it out for lunch. The waiters and general manager were incredibly helpful and our lunch was wonderful! They answered all of our questions and went to the kitchen numerous times to get any information that we needed to feel comfortable!
So, we have had two wonderful meals with Hard Rock. The best part is that their menu denotes menu items that "contain seeds or nuts". It makes me so happy to see companies that are aware that food allergies are important and wide-spread. Kudos to Hard Rock Cafe!

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